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Travel and Volunteer

Our passion and love for our volunteers and traveller coupled with years of experience in organizing bespoke , custom and scheduled volunteering’s and safaris in east Africa

We organize volunteering with the children and community, tour in gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in Uganda, You don’t have to choose between taking an adventure holiday and volunteering when you sign up to RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris Uganda’s amazing volunteer and adventure combo tours.

As a growing sustainable development organization, we are now providing adventure tours and safaris combined with volunteer projects in Uganda for people taking a gap year, career break, retirement or time out from education, employment or training. School, corporate and adventure expeditions for groups can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements.

Volunteer Vacations and Tour experiences Like No Other!

Travelling across Uganda, all our volunteer vacations and tours include a length of stay on at least one volunteer projects that we run giving you enough time to make a difference and get the full volunteering experience without compromise.

Then when your work is done, explore the wonders of the Pearl of Africa with Wanderlust Adventures our experienced local tour guides (a tourism arm of RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris). You can also book a Full-Adventure Combo (Volunteer work+ Wildlife Safari) or book a Mini-Adventure Combo (Volunteer work+ Day safaris/tours).

After your project you will follow it up with an amazing weekend adventure tour with activities such as a 3 day gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris, white water rafting, bungee jumping, horse-back riding, rainforest trekking, sight-seeing tours, village-walks and so much more.

Adventures for change:

RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris isn’t about adventures; it’s about being part of a Children organization with like-minded people. Ordinary people, who want to do something extraordinary with their lives, make a difference in the world and new friends along the way.  A RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris volunteer travel package is not just for enjoyment, It is a way for change.

Why Choose RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris?

Today a huge array of volunteering organizations is available for anyone who wants to volunteer abroad, especially in Africa. Each seem to offer volunteers the opportunity to go on the unique trip of a lifetime, yet some do not always operate in a way that is beneficial both to the individual volunteer and to the local Children

RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris is supportive of all volunteer opportunities which contribute to the goals of sustainable development. However one of the main reasons we started our volunteer vacation program was to provide much-needed support services to people and Children that are largely ignored here in Uganda.

RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris is focused on some of the most challenging issues faced by individuals and Children. We are small and therefore specific and focused on only a few Children so we can make a significant impact on improving their day to day life and empowering them to change their own future. We work with the Children directly and the projects are our own initiated projects that result from interviews with the villages themselves and at the moment operated by local development partners.

Often potential participants ask us to inform them why RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris is a safe option for an ethical volunteering experience. The list below highlights why volunteers choose to go away with RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris:

  • Quality: Every week the staff at RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris interviews its volunteers for feedback on their daily experiences and from those responses we make necessary adjustments to continually improve on the quality of your experience. We have on staff professionals who take pride in caring for your living accommodations and see to it that your experience with us is a positive one.
  • Flexibility: Unlike some of the volunteer travel organizations around, we allow our volunteers to start on any date of the year and stay as long or as short as they like! The only exception is when RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris has a specific project it has generated that has a stated start and stop deadline associated with it.
  • Safety:We take safety of our volunteers seriously and thoroughly arrange everything with our projects before sending volunteers to the Children. If we feel a certain area or a project is not safe we postpone the project until all safety concerns can be met. Our volunteers are responsible for securing their own travel and medical insurance before they arrive.
  • Benefit to Children:RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris works directly with local Children in Uganda to ensure they get support directly from the volunteer participants. Part of your program fee will go directly to the projects, Children, workers and coordinators to help them financially. A constant flow of volunteers means that these people and parts of Children are getting constant support both financially and personally.
  • Quick & Personal: We work as a team and are always there to help you and answer your questions. We aim to reply to your e-mails within one hour or less. You can also reach us by phone or leave a message to have a quick reply back to your queries. Our goal is to make sure you are completely comfortable before you leave for Uganda and while in Uganda.
  • Respected:RCMI has been operating in Uganda since 2007 and from its humble beginning; it has grown into an organization with multiple projects around the country with projects in many districts of Uganda and working alongside reputable international organizations.
  • Reputable:RCMI distinguishes itself by having a proven track record of working with volunteers for safe, enjoyable, educational and fulfilling experiences.
  • Service: All RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris programs carry our standard support and services whilst individual, family & group programs offer tailor-made services to fit; be Volunteer combo or the Mini adventure combo & Full adventure combo that over cultural and adventure exploration weekends.
  • Commitment:RCMI-Adventure in the wild safaris programs provides a long term solution to our villages. Over 85% of volunteer contributions are spent directly on the volunteer and adventure activities.
  • Have an inquiry? visit Our main travel web site


Revelation children’s ministries international provides volunteers with meaningful volunteering opportunities. Our volunteer programs include 1 week to 24 weeks volunteer work placements all year round. RCMI Volunteers enjoy an extremely unique experience not only in the work they do but also in the atmosphere they live in.

Enjoy a stimulating and provoking experience by volunteering on one of our projects. The program enables you to absorb the fascinating Ugandan culture whilst sharing your knowledge and skills with the country. The projects will provide an unforgettable eye opening experience for a gap year, vacation, spring break or career break for groups and individual travelers.

Our Volunteer Program is an immersion program customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to serve in rural villages in Uganda. The time you spend volunteering, your destination, and the projects in which you will be involved are all geared to your skills and interests, and the community’s needs.

One of the biggest differences you will notice at the end will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself. Most importantly, you will be changed forever because you will have a greater understanding of another culture, you will challenge your personal limits, and you will develop friendships.

Volunteering in Uganda requires flexibility, patience; those who are self-starters, and people who genuinely respect the host people and their culture. Volunteers never come here to teach the people western ways, nor are here to save the people. Volunteers come to share their energy and time with the people, to experience their culture first hand and to grow themselves.

You may learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way of life. Flexibility and patience are the keys to having a satisfying experience.

If you think this may be you and are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunter application form and email to:

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